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Flyers Get a New Coach; Philadelphia Sports Are Doomed

Peter Laviolette has been fired as coach of the Flyers and is being replaced by Craig Berube.

Peter Laviolette

If Laviolette was on such thin ice then they should have fired him in the off-season and done a proper coaching search. I’m not going to bash Berube because I don’t know him well enough to say if he is going to be good or not. Maybe they would have hired him in the off-season anyway, I don’t know, but at least the team would not be dealing with an in-season system change.

The Sixers are trying to lose but at least they have a plan. The Eagles are trying to build a young team around a young, high-energy coach. I don’t have a clue what the Flyers’ (or Phillies) plan or philosophy is. The Flyers organization is clearly dysfunctional and needs more than a coaching change. Every move the GM makes turns to crap and the owner has transformed into Al Davis.

One championship in 30 years. Go Philadelphia.

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