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Things I Want to Teach My Daughter

We are merely one week away from the due date and my daughter can literally be born any day now. When expecting your first child there is much to do and prepare for. Childhood is all about learning and I was thinking about all the things I need to teach my daughter. Here is my list so far. What have I forgotten?

  1. How to make homemade pancakes
  2. How to skip a stone
  3. All the words to Billy Joel’s “Piano Man”
  4. How to make homemade pasta sauce
  5. We need each other
  6. How to order a cheesesteak
  7. How to boo like a true Philly fan
  8. How to make a mess
  9. How to clean up
  10. Don’t belive everything you hear
  11. You are priceless
  12. How to use a drill
  13. Righty tighty, lefty loosey.
  14. How to program an if-else block and a for loop
  15. Just because you can embarrass someone doesn’t mean you should
  16. I’m not perfect
  17. Your mother isn’t perfect either but she is close
  18. When you are young you’ll think I know everything
  19. As you get older you’ll think I know nothing
  20. At some point you’ll find out the answer is somewhere in between
  21. I’ll never put anything, including myself, before you
  22. Please and thank you are very powerful
  23. How to swim
  24. How to build a snowman
  25. How to fly a kite
  26. Promises should never be broken
  27. Sometimes promises get broken
  28. How to throw a ball
  29. How to swing a bat
  30. It is not OK to be weak
  31. Asking for help takes strength
  32. Never stop learning
  33. The world is not black and white
  34. Nothing can make me love you more
  35. Nothing can make me love you less
  36. People will respect you more if you speak up
  37. No one will respect you if you talk back
  38. How to build a sandcastle
  39. Don’t confuse love and like
  40. How to change a flat tire
  41. You may not be a princess but you should value yourself as one
  42. Take pride in your appearance
  43. Appearance isn’t everything
  44. If you’re not 10 minutes early, you’re late
  45. Forgive but never forget
  46. Be able to be self-sufficient
  47. Don’t be afraid to lean on others
  48. If love is not unconditional, it’s not really love
  49. Women can be strong, just look at your mother
  50. Trying is more important than winning
  51. Losing happens to everyone
  52. When you allow losing to become a habit, you become a loser
  53. Work hard
  54. Hard work doesn’t always pay off
  55. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty
  56. Be kind to everybody
  57. Some people will try to manipulate your kindness
  58. Some people think I’m too emotionally involved with sports
  59. You can never bee too emotionally involved with sports
  60. Don’t ever wear the logo of a non-Philly professional sports team
  61. You can always come home
  62. How to play bass
  63. I like making up nicknames
  64. Most nicknames I create don’t stick around very long
  65. Family is more than just blood
  66. How to dance in the kitchen
  67. You will always be my baby girl
  68. I will always love you

My name is Brian Mapes. I'm a father, husband, Phillies fan, Eagles fan, comic book lover, software engineer, technology lover, wannabe artist, and former MacRumors mod. These are my random thoughts.